Oh Sweet Samsara has moved!

Hi everyone! I've moved my blog over to Her Geekery and won't be posting here on Oh Sweet Samsara any longer. This little blog has been a great Internet home for me these past few months, but it was time for a change. I hope you enjoy the new space as much as I do! Hope to see you over there<3

Her Geekery

5 Fandom Friday: Pumpkin Everything!!

Ah, pumpkin. My favorite seasonal gourd, how I adore thee. I love all the pumpkin things, but I managed to narrow my list down to my five favorite pumpkin items. Happy Fall!

1. Pumpkin Beer
pumpkin beer
My husband hates pumpkin beer, but I can't get enough of it! Some pumpkin beers are better than others, of course, but I'm working my way through all the craft beer pumpkin options:) If you aren't a huge fan of beer but are looking for an easy way in, flavored beers like pumpkin are the way to go! They're usually a little on the sweet side, which makes it easier for people who prefer sweet mixed drinks to enjoy!

2. Hallowed Helm
hallowed helm
Usually when I post WoW pictures, they're my own...but unfortunately, I don't own this glorious helm so I had to pull an image from the interwebs. Looky how fun this pumpkin helm is though! This will be my first year playing WoW that I actually want to invest time in the world events...so I should have no problem picking this item up!

3. Pumpkin Pie!
pumpkin pie
Because duh. You know what I mean? :P

4. Sinister Squashling
sinister squashling
 This is another fun WoW item that I don't already own. I think the Sinister Squashling pet is super spooky cute, and I can't wait to snatch one up during the Hallow's End event this year!

5. PSL
pumpkin spice latte
Yes, I adhere to the white girl stereotype. It's Pumpkin Spice Latte season, and I can't even. Seriously though, I'll take any version of PSL since it's all yummy, but I do prefer Starbucks' version best. This is actually the only hot drink I'll get from Starbucks...winters here in Orange County typically hover around 80 degrees so I'm more of an iced coffee gal year-round, but who can resist a hot PSL?

There's this vegan Vietnamese restaurant down the street from my house that makes THE YUMMIEST pumpkin curry. It's absolutely perfect for the fall season and I might just have to pick some up today, despite the ridiculous heat. Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend! I'm planning on making some changes to the blog, so I'm hoping I'll have some announcements soon!

Lazy Day Blogging 2.0

I've been feeling a little lazy lately. Okay, I've been feeling a LOT lazy lately but who can blame me? The weather is finally getting a little cooler and work has been madness, so this past week I've just been excited to get home, veg out on the couch, and watch Doctor Who. I don't want this little blog to think I'm abandoning it though so I figured it was time for another Lazy Day Blogging post! So here are some fun things floating around the internet that I wanted to show you all, hope you enjoy<3

Potter Family History - I'm sure most of you know this by now, but the Pottermore redesign launched today! There are some super cool things to read about, including the history of the Potter family! It's so exciting to read new Potter-related content by J.K. and I'm looking forward to more stories. Isn't Fleamont Potter the best name ever?

かご猫Blog - Have you guys ever been to the かご猫 Blog YouTube page? It's so much fun! It's just cats being cats, but I always eat that crap up. I love all the little personalities of these kitties, and there's just something kind of relaxing watching them cat around. This video was posted a few days ago and I freaking love it! I mean, look at those little teeths poking out, squee!

Enterprise-D 3D Project - An artist named Jason B is using Unreal Engine 4 to recreate the USS Enterprise! Although it isn't photorealistic, there's still such an incredible attention to detail. This is a super ambitious project, just look at his project goal:
To create the entirety of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D in the Unreal Game Engine. The Enterprise would serve first and foremost as a virtual museum. Every deck and room can be explored. Fans would be able to visit engineering via the turbolift, or walk from Deck 36 to Deck 5 to see the Arboretum. What does Worf’s quarters look like? What about the large forward windows on Deck 3? What kind of communal areas exist on the ship? Malls? Markets? Gardens? All these questions will be answered.
How cool is that?!  It'll also be available to explore in VR, which would be a totally immersive and thrilling experience for Trekkies. Of course, this all depends on whether or not he can get the proper licensing and funding, but I'm rooting for him!

Anyway, that's all I have to share tonight. I'm actually skipping out on raiding tonight because I just feel so blah. I think I know what will cheer me up though...


Yay!! Hope you all have a great night:)